Vanity | Otto Friedrich | 1904

Vanity | Otto Friedrich | 1904

Vanity | Otto Friedrich | 1904

The Viennese Secession, as we talked in a previous post, was an Austrian movement that rejected the academicism of the Künstlerhaus, the official school of art. The Secession was influenced by the French impressionism that represented the innovation and progress of art, although many of its participants, especially Gustav Klimt, turned towards art nouveau.

Otto Friedrich was one of the less known members, who continued with the path of the impressionism in Austria, as we can see in Vanity, where an extremely white, naked woman looks absorbedly at her reflection in the mirror, while a little monkey, a common pet among the aristocracy, looks distractedly to its left. The brushstrokes, too linear to be considered strictly impressionistic, reminds us to the work of those painters that distanced themselves from the categorical rules of Monet, such as Cézanne or Renoir.

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~ by Álvaro Mazzino on May 24, 2011.

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