J.R.S.G. (of the occult) | Nicola Samori | 2010

J.R.S.G. (of the occult) | Nicola Samori | 2010

J.R.S.G. (of the occult) | Nicola Samori | 2010

I just saw the work of Nicola Samori, a 35 year-old Italian artist who has been participating both in solo and group exhibitions since 2002.

His paintings are dark and disturbing. Samori paints baroque portraits, which are then deformed by heat (with a welding torch) or by running the paint.

Francis Bacon already had terrified us in times of the School of London. However, Samorí’s technique is infinitely superior. His portraits are exquisitely detailed and, if he would have left them as they were, they even could be considered attractive. But once he finishes his paintings, he begins to deform them, making them terrifying. By “ruining” his paintings, Samori makes them much more interesting and challenging.

In J.R.S.G. (of the occult), the artist shows us a sitting old man leaning forward with his torso naked, trying to cover himself with a blanket of some sort. We are not allowed to see his face because of a large stain of white paint that covers it and drips towards the bottom of the canvas. The shape of this stain is like a cow’s skull, but this is just my opinion, and any interpretation about it would seem forced. I also don’t have any clue on how to interpret the paintings’ title. 😉

You can visit the website of the artist at www.nicolasamori.com 

~ by Álvaro Mazzino on March 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “J.R.S.G. (of the occult) | Nicola Samori | 2010”

  1. I can see how you would look at that and think of a cow skeleton. I have not heard of this artist until I ran across this site..thanks for that! This guy is close to my age, his work is just incredible.

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